Today’s Do-it-yourselfers Are Floored By Laminates

Imagine a lovely wood-look floor which can be quickly installed, is durable enough to endure everyday life, and may be maintained with only a damp cloth. It could sound too great to be accurate, but today�s laminate flooring offers all this and even more, and is definitely fast becoming among the hottest home improvement projects among do-it-yourselfers.

�For homeowners who would like the look of real wood without the maintenance head aches, laminate flooring is ideal,� said Don Cybalski, U.S. design supervisor for Pergo, the leading make of laminate flooring. �It won’t put on through, stain or fade, and won’t want waxing, polishing or refinishing. And the styles are so practical that lots of people mistake it for genuine.”

Introduced simply by Pergo to america in 1994, laminate flooring is made from wood byproducts compressed below extreme pressure to create super-hard layers that are sandwiched with each other and completed with a surface area second and then diamonds in hardness. The resulting item offers durability and simple maintenance far more advanced than any other flooring choice.

Substance and Style

The wonder of laminate flooring doesn�t just lie beneath its surface area. All of the designs on the market is practically limitless with colours and textures that are even more realistic than ever. Actually, customers routinely mistake laminates for more costly wood, ceramic or rock alternatives. Beyond the favorite oak, maple and pine types, laminates can be found in exotic wood appears like mahogany, walnut and cherry, in addition to in classic tile styles including granite, marble and ivory.

Fast and simple Installation

Ease and swiftness of installation enhance the selling point of laminate flooring. Where installing real wood is normally left to professionals due to the time-consuming procedure to glue or nail planks, laminates can frequently be set up over a weekend and place directly on best of any existing flooring (except carpet).

Most laminates just click together, building them perfect for do-it-yourselfers. �Click� laminate flooring feature tongue-and-groove edges that snap-together easily and firmly with no need for glue. Long lasting and hassle-free, click flooring may be used confidently in any space of the home � even moisture-prone areas like kitchens and bathrooms, because of new dual-locking joint systems.

Top-grade laminates, like those from Pergo, are attractively priced around $2 to $4 per square feet (uninstalled), weighed against $4 to $6 for solid wood. However the real cost savings is definitely in the set up. Because laminate flooring are so easy to set up, many consumers can perform it themselves conserving both time and money.

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